It's Not About What You Have To Lose

It's About All You Have To Gain!

What's Stopping You?

“I feel like I am being judged at the gym.”

“I don’t have a clue how to use the equipment.”

“I feel intimidated by what other people wear.”

“I don’t like the loud music”

“Gyms aren’t clean”

“I can’t keep up in group classes so I just stop going.”

Not Any More

I stopped weighing my self and gave up. I felt trapped in an abusive marriage and didn’t think I was worthy of living. I was depressed and sick. At bedtime, I had to crawl up the stairs, but I couldn’t make it all the way without stopping several times to rest. Life was a sad chore. Doctors thought I had Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus and more. They were all WRONG!

One night, something clicked in my head. I realized that God had a plan for me. A little spark of hope ignited and my journey to freedom began. I started dreaming.

I went back to college to finish my degree in psychology. I lost some weight on my own and I started to believe that I could have a new life.

I found the courage to step away from the abuse, but the damage was vast. Pain and fear ruled my days. I did what you are thinking about…I got a personal trainer. He discovered that I was hiding my natural strength. He looked at me and said, “I think strong is beautiful.” I had never heard that. I was taught to be ashamed of my strength. I spent a year training with this amazing man and my whole life changed. My mental health began to heal during those workouts and my heart was open to loving again. Three years later, I married that amazing trainer.

My first physical challenge was a 5k in honor of my mom who died from lung cancer. You see that shirt collar…that’s sweat. My greatest fear was finishing last. So guess what happened…I finished dead last! But that was only the beginning.

And You Can Too!

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What I Do With You Inside the Gym Will Help You Live Better Outside the Gym

Feel Better

My workouts aren't just about feeling better physically. No way, there's way more to working out than sweating. Your emotions and mental health can improve too!

Have Fun

You hate working out? You don't have to. This process can be fun, irreverent and silly. Yes, there will be hard work, but I love to laugh through tough stuff!


Imagine the moment you conquer your first set of push ups or hold a plank longer than you ever have. That confidence will show up in every area of your life!


We aren't just talking about numbers on a scale here. Taking care of yourself, challenging yourself, it will yield results that can stay with you forever!


Enjoy getting through your day and not dropping dead on the sofa feeling completely spent. Regular workouts will increase your stamina and well-being. You can do this!

Personal Training Myths

Truth  In fact, NOT lifting weights can be dangerous. Resistance training is so important to the health of your bones, your metabolism, your mental health and more. I am a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist. Before we lift anything, I will provide a head-to-toe postural assessment. We will then correct any muscular imbalances and start working on basic form. Safety and proper form is key. That’s why you need a trainer. My eyes and training are your safety net.  

Truth  Unless you are an extreme type A who loves controlling every morsel you eat, every drop of fluid you consume and working out hours per day…then you  will not get bulky. It takes an amazing amount of effort to look like those bodybuilders you see on magazine covers. 

Truth  I design a program that suits your age, limitations and abilities. You are never, ever, ever too old to start taking care of yourself. If you are overweight, then we start with things you can safely do. But make no mistake, you will be worse off for not trying. Obstacles are meant to be overcome and that is why you need to work with me. I will help you figure out a plan and cheer you on as you overcome each one!

Truth  I work very hard to keep my prices affordable. Imagine not having to miss work because you are sick. Imagine eating more meals at home and saving money versus eating out. Your health is priceless. It can be hard to invest in yourself, but you are worth it.

You Deserve A Before & After

Convenient location close to Raleigh/Cary/Apex/Holly Springs in North Carolina


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