Are You Waiting To Do This?

You are being bombarded with health messages right now. A lot of them are confusing and some are flat out lies. Everyone is excited because it’s the season of fresh starts. With the best of intentions, you make new resolutions and set new goals. Some may even jump on the bandwagon for the latest product or diet that flashes across their screen. If you are dedicated, you may find some success, but many will find themselves feeling let down within a few weeks. 

Here’s the truth, each choice you make is a chance for a fresh start. It has nothing to do with the New Year or that “I’ll start Monday” outlook. Whatever you ate this morning is over, done and a thing of the past. If you didn’t like that choice, make a new one the very next time you have to choose something to eat. Didn’t get enough sleep last night? Try to go to bed a little bit earlier tonight. If you don’t get to something on Monday, try again on Tuesday. You can change at any time. The key is to stop waiting for some big life event to give you permission to change.

You lose precious time by waiting to start or re-start. I’ve been there and used many of the reasons you have. I’ll wait until…fill in the blank. The problem is, whatever you filled the blank with often never comes and if it does, you’ve waisted valuable time. 

“I’ll wait until I weigh a certain amount to take that trip.”

“I’ll wait until this job gets a lot worse to look for a new one.”

“I’ll wait until the kids get older to make time for my dream to write a book of poetry.”

Now sometimes, waiting is required. Saving for that trip or waiting until your resume is spruced up before job hunting are two examples. But all too often, we just wait and wait and wait for nothing. What do you want to do now? If you have a passion, find a small way to start working toward it now.  

If you start looking at your life this way, not just with food or exercise, you will see that you are surrounded by fresh start opportunities. You will also be free from the guilt that comes with failure, which is bound to happen from time to time. With practice, you will begin to quickly focus your efforts onto the next step, the next choice, the next chance to change, instead of getting bogged down in the fact that you didn’t quite live up to your own expectations.

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